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Do you think The Beatles planted the Paul is Dead clues?
Do you treasure a Beatles album or do you own any EPs? Please Please Tell Us.
Do you think The Beatles should have hired another manager after Brian died?
The Hollywood Bowl Turns 50 Beatle Years, do you think Paul and Ringo should join in this weekend?
Paul is back OUT THERE, but should he slow down a bit and not play as long each night?
If John and George had lived, do you think they'd be touring and making new music? Explain.
Happy Birthday Pau! Get Well and Get Back on Stage! Love, the fans!
What's the best Beatles or solo song for Dads or sons?
Would you prefer Paul to sing Wings songs or Beatles at his concerts? Get well Paul!
Where does Sgt Pepper's LHCB rank for you?
Joe is producing a Fab Father's Day Brunch. Please post Beatles & solo suggestions for guys
Please post your well wishes for Paul! Get well Sir! We need you!
Paul has had to cancel shows due to a virus. Do you think he's traveling too much and too far?
Do You Think The Beatles Should have EVER Played Together Again after 1970?
As we remember Linda this week, what do you think will she be remembered most for?
Twitter, Facebook, email or Instagram? Which do you connect with the most?
What's the BEST George song, Beatles or Solo?
What ONE Beatles album do you most enjoy listening to from start to finish..pick one!
Do you think Paul should have Ringo join him on tour?
Where were you when you heard your FIRST Beatles song?
Ringo has confirmed that he & Paul will play live for the Beatles anniv. What 1 song should they do?
It's the anniversary of Meet the Beatles. Do you prefer that album or With The Beatles?
Paul and Ringo Will Appear on Letterman Feb 7. Should they perform together or not?
Best Beatle Album Cover? Could it be The White Album? hmmm
What was the BEST Beatle related event or release of 2013? New, BBC, books, tours..

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