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Do you favor Paul working with Kanye, Gaga and others? CLICK VOX TO HEAR THE SONG
What ONE Beatles album do you most enjoy listening to from start to finish..pick one!
Do you think Paul should have Ringo join him on tour?
CLICK VOX ABOVE to hear Ringo's new single, Postcards from Paradise then go the buzz and rate it
Whats your favorite Beatles or solo love song? CLICK VOX TO HEAR RIHANNA FROM THE GRAMMYS
Where were you when you heard your FIRST Beatles song?
Would The Beatles have MADE IT without George Martin? CLICK VOX TO HEAR RIHANNA
Ringo has confirmed that he & Paul will play live for the Beatles anniv. What 1 song should they do?
It's the anniversary of Meet the Beatles. Do you prefer that album or With The Beatles?
Paul and Ringo Will Appear on Letterman Feb 7. Should they perform together or not?
Best Beatle Album Cover? Could it be The White Album? hmmm
What was the BEST Beatle related event or release of 2013? New, BBC, books, tours..
What is your favorite Beatles Christmas Song? Let's hear it!
Meet The Beatles Authors Thanksgiving weekend. From our notable Fab Four who's your fave and why?
BBC'ers, Paul's NEW CD is out. Have you heard it? What do you think?
Post The Beatles' or solo years' most underrated song and Birthday wishes to John. Polling Open
Do you think The Beatles purposely planted Paul is Dead clues?
What is your FAVORITE non-hit from The Beatles?
What ONE question would you ask Pete Best if you had the chance?
Have you heard Paul's New? Opinion? Pete Best is coming to our Chat Room, post a question.
Of the many, what was the most important thing Epstein did for The Beatles?
How do you feel about the comments Keith Richards made about Sgt. Pepper? Sent in by BBCer, Ed H.
What was your age in 1964? Did you see The Beatles in concert? Name your 1st Fave Fab 4 song.
George's contributions to Rock were incredible. What do you think was his greatest achievement?

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