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The Extra Wide Case of a Gibson
By BBCer Mike Zoric

Brian Ray was in need of some parts for one of his Gibson guitars when Paul's tour came to Pittsburgh a couple years ago. He was told ahead of time that if you need anything Gibson, Vick Dupra is your guy in Pittsburgh. Vick and his business partner Tim run a guitar shop, The Guitar Gallery, here in the suburbs of Pittsburgh where I live. Vick has also written books on Gibson Guitars and, BTW, Gibson has released a Les Paul Vick Dupra model.

So, Vick got a call from Brian one night asking about the necessary Gibson hardware, he eventually hooked him up and BAM, Vick gets a front row seat at the concert - not too shabby, eh?

Recently Vick acquired a vintage double neck 1974 Gibson Model EDS - 1275 and posted the picture on his Facebook page. Brian Ray saw it, called Vick as asked if he could buy it. Vick agreed and arranged to deliver the guitar to Brian when the 2014 Out There Tour makes it to Pittsburgh on July 7, but Brian was told by Paul that the band would be playing "Rock Show" on tour and that song requires a double neck 6 string/12 string (Denny Lane played one on that song during the '76 Tour).

Now, Brain was unable to wait for Pittsburgh - he needs it NOW! Enter trusty, FedEx, and the guitar arrived safely to Brian in Los Angeles in time for the 2014 Tour. As you know, Paul had to postpone the June concert dates in the US but hopefully will be ok when he reaches Pittsburgh.

What a special guitar Brian will be playing on Macca's 2014 Tour!

That's me, proudly holding the guitar on the cover story photo.

Mike, will you attend the July 7, 2014 concert? If so, will you be sure to send us a cool digital snapshot of Brian playing that beautiful guitar? And please, no poor quality iPhone photos!


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