EZ Winning Fresh Vinyl
December 1, 2012

Vinyl enthusiasts - are you Rockin' to The Beatles’ NEW stereo catalog? Here's the skinny: Fourteen original LPs, using the original British track sequences, plus a two-disc “Past Masters” set that includes all the singles and other non-LP tracks – PLUS as a box set that also includes a lavishly illustrated, 252-page, LP-size hardbound book by the BBC producer Kevin Howlett. The box will be a limited edition of 50,000 copies, worldwide. If You Want It, Here It Is, Come and Get It!

SIGN UP TODAY - JOIN THE BEATLE BRUNCH CLUB and get a shot at winning 14 LP's in the Cool Black Box!

The titles include the band's 12 original U.K. studio albums, as well as the U.S. version of "Magical Mystery Tour," and "Past Masters, Volumes One & Two." The Beatles' first four albums have never been released in North America in stereo on vinyl.


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