Joe's a Starr With Ringo
Beatle Brunch host Joe Johnson spoke with Ringo midway through his All Starr Band tour, two days before he played The Hard Rock, Hollywood, Florida.  Joe asked Ringo about the tour, the band, his brother-in-law Joe Walsh and his upcoming birthday. You can listen to the entire interview in BBC Downloads. Join The Beatle Brunch Club. 
Read an excerpt of Ringo and Joe.

J: So how’s the tour going?
R:  Oh the tour’s great. The band’s great, the music, the songs are really great. Everybody’s getting on really well and you know we’re all supporting each other, that;s the name of the game with Ringo and the All Starrs, we all do our best for each other, so it’s just going really, really great.

J: I’ve been reading reviews, friends of mine who’ve seen the show, you brought back “Matchbox”, Todd Rundgren’s brought back his hits, and what’s it like doing the old “Matchbox” tune again?
R:  Well, Matchbox was, ya know, and where we put it, well I hadn’t done it for a long time, so I was trying to move it around a bit, ya know because I seem to be touring somewhere every year, now, and so we thought, instead of “Honey Don’t”, let’s try “Matchbox” and then thought, well we should open with this because it just rocks and it gets everybody in a good mood.  It’s great doing it.

J: Yeah, its fantastic. I played “It Don’t Come Easy” this morning and we were talking about that it’s featured on The Simpsons and that you were on the show, I mean, your music has been around for so many generations, and we’re gonna see you this weekend, Saturday night, in South Florida, here at the Hard Rock Hollywood.
R: Yeah, well I sort of play that all the time. It’s a great venue for me and the Hard Rock’s really supportive.

J: and we were talking about your art work, we’ve been promoting it all week on the radio station
R: Thank you.

J: …That we’re setting up a special area with Neal where people can view your artwork and obviously it benefits the Lotus Foundation. For people who haven’t seen your artwork, what are some of your favorite pieces that we might see this weekend?

R: Well you know, I have a series of my “people” I call them, “The Head”, but also a lot this year of peace and love signs, colorful background with peace and love sign on it, so I’m sort of, it’s heavily promoting peace and love this year.

J: So your birthday is coming up and it’s gonna be tough to top what Paul did for you when you turned 70, but you got any special plans for your show?
R: Well we’re gonna have the peace and love moment, and we’re gonna play Nashville. And I picked Nashville because I did make a couple of country records, and so  I feel like I have some kind of relationship with Nashville and I know they feel like they have some kind of relationship with me. So we picked Nashville because it’s on the tour and you know, I want to do it there. Last year I did it in Hamburg, Germany, and the year before as you know, we did Radio City, but the year before that we did Chicago, so it’s being going like five years now, and you know, I just think it’s a positive thing we can do for, at noon, wherever you are, you just have a moment and say, put your fingers up and say “Peace and Love”.  It’s a moment when people are thinking only of peace and love, they’re not thinking of anything else, so that’s the idea of it, and then we play The Rhyman, so it’s gonna be Ringo at the Rhyman, and then we’re gonna have a party.

J: Sounds fantastic.
R: So I don’t know who’s turning up this year. I didn’t know Paul was turning up.

J: it’s hard to imagine how he kept that secret because he snuck in and did a soundcheck I guess, and then he sat in one of the back rows until it was time to come up, and then you didn’t see him until you ran off stage.
R: I had no idea, and besides, the band didn’t tell me,  the crew didn’t tell me, all the people in the audience kept it quiet (laughs), so it was really an incredibly moving moment when he came on.  I was so excited and you know they’d taken the drum sticks from the kit, incase anybody else jumped up, and I thought, well I’m gonna play, and I jumped up and there was no sticks and Jeff, my drum tech, said, “You might need these”.  Yeah it was great and I had my kids there and my grand kids, so it was a really special, special day.

J: Oh yeah, I’ve seen the video of it on youtube. Is that the first time you played on “Birthday” since the record, or no?
R:   Oh, yeah


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