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The Beatle Brunch Club is the home to a popular Live Chat. Our Fan Club Chat allows members to chat with other fans in a nonthreatening and safe environment. This is the ideal medium for bringing like-minded people together for some friendly, pleasant and entertaining chat sessions. There's nothing like participating in a Live Chat about The Beatles!

We utilize a state-of-the-art chat software program that will play on any laptop or desktop device. Many people set time aside from other activities whenever our National Radio Program, Beatle Brunch is on the air. The enjoyment level is unmatched!

Part of the fun in holding a Live Chat during our program lets listeners tell their stories about real-life Beatles experiences and other valuable information that sparks interest and sharing.

Club Members are given a special Hot Line number. This exclusive number makes it possible for callers to prepare stories and record special requests that will be featured on The Beatle Brunch Radio Show.

Experience the delights of a Live Chat and Hot Line by getting involved with the one offered by The Beatle Brunch Club. It is unlike any other and bound to please in a creative and pleasing manner. "LIVE THE CULTURE"
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