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The Beatle Brunch Club has a reputation for being a very successful membership enterprise that is pro Beatles where people 'Come Together' from around the world. The music of The Beatles will never grow old, and we are here to make your experience as a member easy and fruitful!

Joining our Club provides certain privileges others will miss out on. Our members are entitled to receive special information; popular concerts, new releases and often unheard music, and other valuable amenities.

We proudly hold a number of functions throughout the year to bring our members together in a fun, friendly, and professional environment. We may hire a Beatles cover band and have dance parties or sing Beatles Karaoke. The choice is yours and always a sure hit!

Our management team likes to say that we offer a FANtastic membership program geared to please the true fans of The Beatles. We value our members and do whatever it takes to keep everyone as happy as possible! Members love our convenience and accessibility.

Memberships are available for as little as $4 a month. For better savings ... we also offer a 1-year Membership for $39 (that's 75 cents a week) OR our 2-year Ultimate Membership is only $59!

Turn to The Beatle Brunch Club for a nostalgic, fun-filled way to experience the wonders of The Beatles, and as we say, "LIVE THE CULTURE"
Join The Beatle Brunch Club! Do it sooner than later.

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